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Sophia completed a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University.


Sophia is a highly motivated Osteopath with vast personal experience in sport and exercise rehabilitation. Having participated in dance and gymnastics and representing Australia at international gymnastics competitions, Sophia understands the needs of all levels of athletes and anyone wanting to reach their full potential.


Sophia is a health and wellbeing advocate with an interest in anatomy and human movement.

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Kimberley has completed her Masters of Osteopathy and Bachelor of Health Science at Victoria University, She has completed additional training in Remedial Massage.

Kimberley began MyoMassage Osteo in 2017 after noticing the gap in valued health care in Bayside. She loves giving each patient individualized  care, and strives to take the most up to date, evidence based, hands on approach.



Sarah has Masters of Osteopathy, at Victoria University.

Sarah has had extensive experience as our Massage therapist and at Parkdale Football Club.

Sarah and enjoys treating sports injuries and uses the best research and clinical experience to make sure you achieve your health goals.

Sarah uses her skills from her previous Sports Science Bachelor Degree to maximize her outcomes with clients. 

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