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$50 Osteo Treatment
* Intro offer, new clients only. Private health rebatable, Valid until July 2024.


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At  MyoMassage Osteo, your results are our priority. We are your local trusted Parkdale Osteopaths and Myotherapists

Our holistic approach helps clients achieve long-term wellness and improve physical health and performance.


We pride ourselves on advanced diagnostics to locate the source and reason for you pain or injury. We provide you with targeted Manual Therapy accompanied with an individual treatment and rehab plan to give you the results you haven't been able to achieve before

Our team of Osteopaths, Myo's and Massage therapists value ourselves on achieving your results, we create health and wellness so you can live your optimal life.

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Osteopathy is a fusion of Physio, Chiro and Massage. It works to alleviate anything from back pain to sporting injuries. We use a holistic approach to facilitate recovery.


Firstly, a history is taken, to dictate a clinical assessment. Orthopedic testing will be performed to diagnose the injury and establish any musculoskeletal imbalances.


Secondly a specific and individualized treatment will be given to effectively treat your condition. This treatment will range from massage and dry needling, to spinal adjustment and realignment. The treatment will be adapted to target the complaint directly, and fix the root cause of the problem. 


Thirdly you will receive a rehabilitation program, exercises play an important role in strengthening and stretching the affected area. Osteopathy believes that patient education and empowerment is crucial in recovering from injury and wellness.



Small group individual clinical Pilates is a specialized form of Pilates that takes place in a small group setting but is tailored to each individual's needs and goals. In this type of session, participants receive personalized attention and guidance from a qualified Osteopath and Clinical Pilates instructor.


During small group individual clinical Pilates, participants undergo an initial assessment to identify their specific goals, physical condition, and any injuries or limitations they may have. This assessment helps the instructor create an individualized exercise program for each participant. The session typically starts with a warm-up to prepare the body for exercise and reduce the risk of injury. The instructor then guides participants through a series of exercises that aim to improve core stability, flexibility, strength, and posture.


The instructor closely observes and corrects participants' form and technique to ensure they are performing the exercises correctly and effectively. Modifications and variations of exercises are provided to accommodate individual needs and limitations. Small group individual clinical Pilates sessions often include a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups and movement patterns. This diversity helps improve overall strength, flexibility, and coordination. In addition to the physical benefits, small group individual clinical Pilates also focuses on body awareness and mindfulness. 



Your pelvic floor muscles should be able to correctly contract and fully relax. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak or not relaxing, you could develop bladder leakage, prolapse or sexual pain. Prevention really is better than a cure.


At MyoMassage Osteo we take a holistic approach to addressing pelvic related symptoms. We strive to cultivate a comfort and open environment where all questions are answered and an individual treatment program is implemented.

Common symptoms 

•    Leaking urine when you cough, sneeze, exercise or on your way to the toilet
•    Rushing to the toilet with an overwhelming urge to go
•    Going to the toilet frequently
•    Having your sleep interrupted by the need to urinate
•    A feeling of vaginal dragging, heaviness or bulge
•    Difficulty controlling your bowel & wind
•    Painful sex
•    Difficulty emptying your bladder or bowel

If you would like to learn more about how Osteopathy can help you achieve optimal pelvic health read our blog posts and instagram @drkimpelvichealthosteo.

You can Book your initial consult with Dr Kimberley Myer (osteopath) who has an additional qualification in Pelvic Health

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